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Welcoming Two New Members!

We would like to introduce the world to our two new members!


Ilana Summers, alto (left) and Todd Honeycutt, tenor (right) have joined the team and brought new dimensions in musicianship and artistry to our sound and we are absolutely thrilled to be singing with them. We've been adding new arrangements to the repertoire and are looking forward to taking our unique sound out into the world. Watch this space for information regarding upcoming performances!

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Pacific Swingline

"Pacific Swingline, one of America's premier vocal jazz ensembles - five voices singing unaccompanied swing music, breathing fresh life into the standards - smooth, sophisticated, intricate - a cappella jazz at its finest."

What is A Cappella?

In Italian, it essentially means "in the style of the chapel." It also appears as A Capella (with one "P"), which is the Latin spelling. It has appeared as Acappella, A Capela, Occapella, Oxapello, and even A Cappello, all with the intent of indicating unaccompanied singing. But here and now, it means Pacific Swingline.

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