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Welcoming Two New Members!

We would like to introduce the world to our two new members:

Eleni Pantages (Alto), is a Southern California native that holds a B.A. in Music with an emphasis in vocal performance and an M.A.T. (Music Education) from the University of Southern California. She currently teaches choir and musical theater to 6th-12th grade students at Viewpoint School in Calabasas.

Matt Brown (Tenor), is also a native of Southern California and a graduate of University of Southern California's Thorton School of Music. He is a professional composer, professor, and performer in the Los Angeles area.

Eleni and Matt are brilliant singers, wonderful people to work with, and have brought a whole new dimension to the group. We are thrilled to be singing with them, and can't wait for you to hear us.

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Pacific Swingline

"Pacific Swingline, one of America's premier vocal jazz ensembles - five voices singing unaccompanied swing music, breathing fresh life into the standards - smooth, sophisticated, intricate - a cappella jazz at its finest."

What is A Cappella?

In Italian, it essentially means "in the style of the chapel." It also appears as A Capella (with one "P"), which is the Latin spelling. It has appeared as Acappella, A Capela, Occapella, Oxapello, and even A Cappello, all with the intent of indicating unaccompanied singing. But here and now, it means Pacific Swingline.

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